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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Lab!

This is the download area of

Khar2oon's Digital City.

Here you will find a various assortment of goodies for use in Bryce 2, Painter, and Ray Dream Studio. These are things that I have made myself and/or tweaked from a preset that came from one of these programs. Most of the stuff you will find here is mostly for Bryce 2 (sorry PC only at this time), but more goodies will be added from time to time as I make them. I use these three programs almost exclusively and everything here is original stuff, folks, (unless otherwise indicated) so I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

These are free for your own personal use, HOWEVER, please do me a favor and give me credit somewhere on your page should you decide to use them for your pics or web page designs, and a link back to this web site. I don't get paid to provide these things to anyone and a lot of hours went into creating them. A little blurb of credit to return the favor is all I ask. :)


*I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dan O'Leary, Armand, Absinth, and Richard Lo Piccolo for contributing the web space I needed in order to make all these goodies available to everyone. This site would not be here if it weren't for them.

THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!



(*please note that all the textures listed here are PC files only)


Planet Rock 47 KB

Frozen Ice Ball 425 KB

Dune Planet 12 KB

Weird Planet 27 KB

Desert Planet 2 28 KB

Desert Planet 3 28 KB

Funky Planet 13 KB

Funky Planet 2 13 KB

Old Funky Stone 840 KB

Saturn Planet 2 829 KB

Lost World 24 KB

Plastic Land 24 KB

Plastic Land 2 26 KB


Smooth Stone 13 KB

Groovy Concrete 658 KB

Rosy Sandstone 717 KB

Green Stone 788 KB

Blue Gunky Stuff 14 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

Brown Gunky Stuff 15 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

Wormy Rock 15 KB

Glowing Wormy Rock 15 KB

Marbelized Wormy Rock 14 KB

Blue Rocky Marble 14 KB

Wormy Rock 2 15 KB

Black Rocky Something 14 KB

Charred Stone 18 KB

Really Burnt Stone 18 KB

Ancient Stone Temple 2.60 MB

Crusted Rock 26 KB


Black Marble 8 KB

Frosted Marble 14 KB

Blue Veined Marble 14 KB

Orange Veined Marble 14 KB

Amber Marble 13 KB

Yellow-Amber Marble 14 KB

Amber Marble 2 15 KB

Swirly Brown Marble 14 KB

Swirly Green Marble 13 KB

Bowling Ball Marble 11 KB

Swirly Purple Marble 14 KB

Green Ribboned Marble 15 KB


Soft Wavy Water 28 KB

Algea Water 29 KB


Purple Fog 540 KB

Distant Earthling 544 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away... 47 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

Wild/Fun Stuff

South o' de Border 2.60 MB

Pretty Purple Marble Stuff 542 KB

Purple Plating 17 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

Brown Plating 19 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

More Brown Stuff 19 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

More Weird Stuff 18 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

Goose Egg 668 KB

Moldy Cheese 12 KB

Fire Glow Ball 14 KB

Purple Fuzz 540 KB

Blue Plastic Bubbles 2.04 MB

Totally Tubular 11 KB

Daddy-O Smoke Rings 11 KB

Old Leather 419 KB

Tree Bark 1.17 MB

Glow Glass 15 KB

Reptile/Alien Skins

Lizard Skin 133 KB

Slimey Reptile 135 KB

Slimey Reptile With Spots 136 KB

Grungy Reptile 137 KB

Crispy Reptile 131 KB

Alien Monster Skin 21 KB

Psycho Reptile 18 KB

Psycho Reptile 2 20 KB

Blistered Reptile 22 KB

Green Slimy Reptile 22 KB

Green Oozing Reptile 21 KB

Space Skin 16 KB

Space Ship/Tech Metals

Kool Metal 1 63 KB

Kool Metal 2 262 KB

Kool Metal 3 511 KB

Kool Metal 4 261 KB

Ghost Metal 28 KB

Super Space Plating 12 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

Techno Plating 11 KB

Techno Plating 2 14 KB

Pretty In Pink 18 KB

Pretty In Pink 2 14 KB

Pretty In Pink 3 13 KB

Other Metals

Green-Blue Swirly Metal 14 KB

Blue Ribbed Metal 14 KB

Electro-plated Metal 13 KB

Bumpy Blue Metal 13 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

Bumpy Blue Metal 2 14 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

Smooth Blue Metal 11 KB

Red Fractal Metal 13 KB

Streaky Rusted Metal 14 KB

Pitted Rusty Metal 13 KB

Blue Spotted Mirror 11 KB

Blue Mirror (No Spots!) 10 KB

Iced Metal 14 KB

Orange Pitted Metal 13 KB

Basic Sin Metal 13 KB (modified Bryce 2 preset)

Cool Smokey Metal 10 KB

Subtle Bumpy Metal 13 KB



(PC files only)

Fantasy Animals 495 KB

Designs 1.66 MB

Party Balloons 131 KB

Webdings 659 KB



Thanks for stopping by!

Please note: This page is still under construction. If you have any comments or questions, please email me at:

Barbara Tumeo


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